Download-Wild-Things: Diamonds-in-the-Rough-(2005)-Dual-Audio


Download-Wild-Things: Diamonds-in-the-Rough-(2005)-Dual-Audio

Download Download-Wild-Things: Diamonds-in-the-Rough-(2005)-Dual-Audio

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Watch Download-Wild-Things: Diamonds-in-the-Rough-(2005)-Dual-Audio

At Marie’s swim-meet, Jay encounters towel girl Elena Sandoval, and invites her to Marie’s eighteenth birthday party. Elena attends the party but is assaulted by Marie, who says that Elena is not welcome. Jay comforts Elena, and brings her to the construction site of one of his buildings for privacy. Later, Elena alleges that Jay raped her at the site. Detective Michael Morrison is placed on the case, as is Richards, who is Elena’s probation officer. Chad is placed in charge of documenting Elena’s injuries, and testifies to the court that Elena was raped.

Marie Clifton is set to inherit two beautiful diamonds, called the “mother and daughter”, which her late mother bestowed to her. Marie’s step-father, Jay Clifton, challenges the will, claiming that Marie isn’t ready for the responsibility, but actually wants to take the diamonds for himself. At a sexual education seminar at Marie’s school, physician Dr. Chad Johnson and probation officer Kristen Richards discuss sex crimes, and Richards reveals she was a victim of an anonymous rapist many years before.

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