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The game over has been made in Tamil and Telugu and it has been released in Hindi and dubbed in Hindi. Director Ashwin Saravanan has tried to separate something different from life and video games. This is the story of a gamer named Sapna who is fighting a battle between himself and outside.

With the dream of living in Gurujram, on 31 December there has been an incident that it can not stay in the darkness for two seconds. Once again, December 31 is coming and it raises his nervousness.

The police have failed to find out anything about the killers who set fire to the torso by cutting the heads of young girls in Gurugram and there is panic.

Dream is a game designer and game addict too. Her difficulty increases with the formation of a tattoo. Some people make mamoral tattoos in which they make tattoos by putting their ashes in tattoo ink after the death of their loved ones. A similar tattoo dream is made by mistake, after which strange acts have started happening with him.

How these three different tracks get together and make a difference in the life of the dream. It is shown in the film.

The sketchy story stares on the paper, but not all tracks on the screen leave the effect. For instance, the idea of ​​memorial tattoos is strong and has been done for the new year. On the other hand, the girls' head cutter trek is half-incomplete. Why is this being done? What is the purpose of this abusive thing? Their answers do not match in the movie.

Actually the author and the director deliberately did not answer these questions. He has seen this movie with the main character Sapna's vision, who does not even know why this is happening all this? Instead, he has put more emphasis on the inner and outer battle of the dream.
The way in which most of the video games get three lives and in the third life, the person realizes that he will not get a chance anymore.

If death is seen in front, then it is a video game that is tried in real life and is victorious. The film gives the message that no matter how dire the situation may be, you should not give up and fight till the end.

Despite some weaknesses, the game over binds most of the time because it has fun of different genres. Some scenes scare you. This ever
Thriller is created and then goes to the super-natural zone. The film's success lies in the fact that it keeps on binding.

The film has been a victim of duplication somewhere, especially Climax has become too long, and that's a 102-minute film too long. Climax does not digest the phenomenon of dreaming beforehand in the event.

Ashwin Sarhanan as the director has managed to hide the script's shortcomings from his work. He has strengthened the film through light, shade, color, camera angles, sets and background music. The director has said some things from the paintings and posters in the rooms.

Tapi Pannu has once again shown why she has a high place in the current expressions. Their expression as a girl with fear and fear is worth seeing. The whole time the camera rests on them and they have raised the burden of the whole film. Vinodini Vaidyanathan as care taker has played them well.

The good thing about the game over is that even though you do not agree with some of the events being shown on the screen, the interest in the movie remains full time.

Banner: Reliance Entertainment, Voice Not Studios, Anurag Kashyap
Manufacturer: S. Shashikant
Director: Ashwin Saravanan
Music: Ron Ethan John
Artist: Tapasi Pannu, Vinodini Vaidyanathan
Sensor Certificate: Ua * 1 hour 42 minutes 37 seconds
Rating: 3/5

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